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coldFox Arts: Created by gamers to create games we like. The industry is changing, that’s why we thought we need to change something ourselfes. Bring back the oldschool games we loved so much. It started with a little idea and grew into a huge project. So many ideas and not enough time for it, but we are ready to take the task. Since December 2016 we are working on a couple of ideas, sketches, scribbles and tests to bring our ideas to life.

We had to recognize that it would be more work then we imagined because we want everything perfect. So the hard part begun and we created stuff, rearranged it, deleted and canceled a lot and now we are at a point were we want to share some steps of our work with the community. The most important part in our projects. You! Without gamers who appreciate what we are doing this would be pointless. So we hope you’ll like what you see and share your opinions with us.

Be ready – our first project is under construction! It will be an fast paced 2D-PixelArt-Platformer named Jump1Bit. Start as the hero who is imprisoned and tries to make his way out of a dark prision. But be aware of the creatures who live in the shadow of the twisted paths.

For more information go to the projects site or check our social media channels.

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