A place we call home

It’s done! Finally we have a place where we can share our passion. News, pictures, videos, demos and whatever we have to share with you. It took us a while to come where we are and to decide what we want to do, so we are proud to present all of you out there our new homepage. Feels good. It’s a good way to start something. Now everything feels more official.

From now on, we’re trying to release regularly news regarding our projects to keep the hypetrain moving. But let’s stay realistic. We are still at the beginning of our journey and we don’t know if we’ll arrive at our targets but it would be great. In the last couple of weeks or even months we created a lot of stuff and tested what we wanted to achieve. As you can imagine, a lot of stuff has been canceled by us and a lot of stuff needs improvement, but we are working on it.

Long story short: Would be nice to reach some people with our passion and this homepage is the first step in achieving this goal

Greets of the ColdFox Arts team

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