Adding Details

The project is growing, or should I say Jump1Bit is growing. In the last couple of days we created some background elements and tested some different styles, but I think we came to the conclusion in which direction to go.

At first I was unsure if there would be to much chaos in the background if I’d put too much details in these objects, but after some testing this should be good color pallet.

At this state the design shouldn’t be distracting but nice to look at and that is definitely the target. I’m not sure if we have enough objects to fill the entire level, but shouldn’t be a problem to add some more afterwards. I figured out a style, so the rest is up to some creativity and a bit of work.

Next step is animating some of these objects. For example the torchlight – the flame has to move, otherwise it would be strange. And putting some movement into the world should make it feel more alive and not boring.

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