Our projects! We have a lot of ideas we want to realize but we lack of time. But that doesn’t mean we cancel anything. On this site you’ll find current projects as well as future projects we would like to create in the future. It’s some kind of bucket list and it could change from time to time. As soon there is content to show of one of these projects, we’ll make sure to keep you updated and show you lots of previews.

Jump 1 Bit

More and more people disappear by questionable verdicts. Somethings seems wrong. So you and your organization start to investigate. By going too far in your research, you are getting arrested. The verdict is clear and spoken fast. Revolt against the state, life imprisonment.

You find yourself in a dark prison with little hope to escape. But you know that you have to escape quickly because you will not survive here long. But be careful, because you do not know what to expect in the dark. The Time is running and so you should do as well!

Furrban Legends

In a mystical land far far away from our world where everything is in harmony with nature. There where the rushing of the water and the singing of the birds are the music of the surroundings. A Hero is needed to satisfy the legends. A young cat will suddenly become part of this world. He is pleased to help the local residents with their problem. The behavior of the animals is more than strange and they react very aggressive to everything.

What is the reason for the behavior of the animals and why should someone want to destroy the peace of this idyl? You are the only one who can help this world!

Project C²

After a car accident nothing seems like it used to be. A Father is on his way to see his daughter in the Hospital. But as he arrives, he’s been informed that she past away.  They also tell him that the body was already burned in the crematorium. He couldn’t believe it and wanted to know why he wasn’t informed earlier. But the staff of the hospital simply put him in front of the door. So he started to investigate in there on his own.

You take the role of Taylor Smith. A normal man and loving father who has set his mind on to do everything to help his daughter. Can you solve the mysterious case and find out whats going on in that Hospital?

Bite Club

San Francisco in the 80’s. A wonderful and delightet city. People can really spend a beautiful life in here. But where there is light, there is also shadow. Deep below a Disco is a hidden club where people fight for money and prestige. It’s a dirty business that mostly ends with death.

Imagine that there are more and more problems in your life and you dont know how to solve them. But suddenly, someone shows you an opportunity to eliminate them all at once, only by visiting a club.

Would you take the risk and put everything on the line?