ColdFox Arts is a young game development studio, founded in 2016.

We are just a couple of people who share the same passion. Games – for everyone! We´ve been playing video games for more than 20 years now and had a lot of fun and great times at all. These Days video games are looking better and better and reach a mass of people. But we´ve got the feeling that with better graphics, developers are care less about storytelling and innovative ideas. It seems that they only want to release the game as soon as possible even if its not ready yet. So a lot of frustration is spreading when you play such a game. We want to change this. So we´ve decided to create games by ourself. Of course its not that easy and only if you start to create a game by yourself, you see how many things are involved in the procedure. But we are optimistic that we will be able to achieve our goals and grow with every task.